Last day of January, lets make it a colorful one.  I decided to take a drive down the street to Waikiki to take my picture of the day.  I fully intended to get a Waikiki sunset picture, but I literally hit every red light on the way there and the sun had run away by the time I reached the beach.

My second choice, since it was pretty dark already was to take a photo of the gorgeous water fountain down in Waikiki.  Itʻs so beautiful at night when itʻs all lit up.  But, then on the way to the fountain, out of the corner of my eye I saw Queens beach and the Natatorium.  It was a pretty picture in my eyes, but I had already settled on the fountain so I continued on.  As I approached the fountain I found that it wasnʻt on, no water flowing, no gorgeous light up, nothing.

So, of course I turned my happy butt right around and went back to the beach where I saw the perfect photo-op and shot till my hearts content.  This was my favorite of the handful of photos I got.  Iʻm still in the learning stages, very early learning stages of photography, but every now and then I get a really nice picture like this one and it gets me really excited about deciding to try my hand at photography.

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